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White FILA sneaker with SmellWell Active insert and two packages of SmellWell & FILA Collab Inserts
A pack of SmellWell Laundry Capsules in front of a pile of laundry
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The Best Golf Essentials to Have In Your Golf Bag

Golfers always look both well dressed and well prepared, but are you truly up to scratch?
Smiling boy sitting on a grass field with a ball and a pair of Nike Football Shoes with SmellWell inserts in them.

Back to School: Things You Always Miss

Here are just a few things to remember when getting your kids back to school after summer.
A hand holding a pair of white Nike sneakers with pink SmellWell inserts in them infront of a graffiti wall

Shoe and feet care in summer time

We all long for those blissful summer days where we can bring out those open toed shoes and give our feet some air.

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Travel accessories you can not do without

You should consider bringing a pair of SmellWell. These guarantee that your shoes stay dry and fresh throughout the holiday.
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Travel Essentials for the summer trip

Packing for summer travelling is often a stressful time, but it doesn’t need to be.
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Do you want to run further and longer?

Be the best runner you can be. Together with our marathon star and ambassador Patrik, we present the best tips for how to run more effectively.

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Beat and prevent Athlete's Foot

Prevent Athlete's Foot, we can help! But that's not all. In this post we review the concept of Athlete's Foot and the most common symptoms.
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Get in shape for the ski season

The winter and the ski season are fast approaching. Here are our best tips to get in shape for the season.
Two kids on the ice in their hockeygear during a hockeygame

Life as a hockey mom

I am so grateful and happy that my kids play hockey but life as a hockey mom can be difficult sometimes.

A person skiing down a hill covered with powder snow in the sun

Get prepared for the ski season

Whether you are going to stay in Sweden or go abroad to the larger ski areas here are the most common questions that are usually asked.
The Olympic Rings standing up on a snow-covered mountain

Unique rules in the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympic Games are held in South Korea this year. Each game has rules, but some of them are quite strange. Here is a look at some of the unique rules of this year's Winter Olympics.
Woman in a face down yoga pose on a pink exercising mat

Prepping For Outdoor Winter Workouts

Adam Gray Hayward, a personal trainer based in the US, has three tips he shares with clients to help get them outside and prepared for the chillier weather.