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SmellWell boosts Fabians training

SmellWell boosts Fabians training

SmellWell boosts Fabians training

My name is Fabian Agartson and I compete in slopestyle and big air, and I'm a SmellWell ambassador. I am from Sweden and was born in Idre, Dalarna but then moved to Varberg at the age of 5.

My family has always skied a lot and I think that is where my love for the snow grew. Last year I started at the national sports high school freeski (a sports high school that specializes in freeski) in Malung. My long-term goal with life is to live my life close to nature and skiing.

After going to school for a few weeks, I went down to a 10 day camp in Saas Fee, Switzerland. Why it became Saas Fee is because they have opened their large park, which I would like to say is one of Europe's best parks. If the glacier is closed, you can engage in a lot of different activities, we played volleyball, tennis and football a lot.

Thanks to the opportunity to go before the season started, I feel really prepared and really excited for a new season with competitions and challenges. It's really nice to go a few extra weeks before the season, it will be a bit like a supplement to the season which helps a lot. For example, I now got the chance to do tricks that I did at the end of last season. This means that this season I will be able to run these tricks much earlier and become much more confident in them. Then I also have more time to focus on new tricks.

My goals for this season are to develop, not only in skiing but also as a person. Work a lot mentally, among other things, so you are not overly nervous before a competition. Then also a goal is to perform as well as I can during competitions, find a good strategy. But most of all, it's me having fun!

What Smellwell does for me is that it helps me stay focused. I do not have to think as much about keeping my equipment fresh, because Smellwell does it for me. I can instead spend the time on training and skiing. It's really nice to be able to put on a pair of boots that smell new, it's almost a bit of a boost in the morning. Especially when the skiing is as intense as now in Saas Fee, then it's perfect with a pair of Smellwell!

Now I'm getting ready for another season and I'm more prepared than ever, follow my journey on my instagram @fabianagartson
Thanks for this time!

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