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White FILA sneaker with SmellWell Active insert and two packages of SmellWell & FILA Collab Inserts
A pack of SmellWell Laundry Capsules in front of a pile of laundry
Black Nike football shoes with green SmellWell Actibe Inserts next to a white soccer ball

How to avoid smelly football shoes.

Proper care and a couple of bags of SmellWell is the key to never have to bring out the smelly football shoes for the new season, only to realize they still smell from last season!

White Nike Sneakers infront of a black and orange wall

Freshen up and clean your sneakers

Bringing out those favourite sneakers after a long winter is almost a tickling feeling. But before putting them on, make sure to clean and freshen them up properly!
Person packing up a black sports bag with stuff and SmellWell Inserts

10 packing hacks you didn't know you couldn't live without

Let me tell you: packing can be an art and if you master it properly, all of your packing related problems will be nothing but a memory.

Man doing push ups in the background of a bag with a couple of SmellWell inserts and a bottle in it

6 fun facts about sweat

Sweat might not be the most fun conversation and not very fun to experience either. But there are things about sweat that you might not know. Here are 6 fun facts.
A pair of white sneakers with SmellWell Inserts in them on a cement floor

How to wash shoes in washing machine

Tired of dirty shoes and bad shoe smell? There are plenty of ways to solve the problem. Can you wash shoes in a washing machine? Yes. But read this first!
a blue shoe outside on a sunny day with a smellwell insert inside it to remove bad smell

Get rid of bad shoe smell once and for all

Shoes that smell bad can be uncomfortable, awkward and embarrassing. Here is a simple guide on how to remove bad odor once and for all.

A hand holding a SmellWell XL insert

SmellWell gets Best in test by Danish newspaper

SmellWell Active Insert gets voted Best in test by Danish newspaper. Tested against 5 though competitors SmellWell won the race. Read more here.
A Pair of SmellWell Active - Pink Zebra in a pair of black runningshoes

Use SmellWell in your Running Shoes

Whether you're running long or short distances, shoes become hot and sweaty, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
Man on skiis in the middle of a jump doing a spin

SmellWell boosts Fabians training

My name is Fabian Agartson and I compete in slopestyle and big air, and I'm a SmellWell ambassador.

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