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Travel accessories you can not do without

Travel accessories you can not do without

Travel accessories you
can not do without

It has become increasingly popular to travel abroad during the summer. Maybe because we sun-thirsty Swedes want to ensure that we actually get some sun during our holiday. When you go out and travel, do you not forget the most important accessories? Here we have listed the travel accessories you can not do without, but which are easy to forget.

  • Neck pillow

Are you going to fly far? Then it can be nice to have a neck pillow that prevents you from nodding and falling sideways towards your neighbor on the plane. Come rested for the holidays!

  • Lock and protection for your suitcase

Make sure to protect your suitcase with a real cover and to equip it with a padlock of good quality. You do not want to lose your stuff during the holidays.

  • Travel packages

All airlines have restrictions on how much liquid you are allowed to carry in your hand luggage. Bring a mini kit with empty bottles and fill up and you will see that you can manage if the luggage is delayed. You also avoid the risk of getting rid of your hair products in control.

  • SmellWell

You should consider bringing a pair of SmellWell. These guarantee that your shoes stay dry and fresh throughout the holiday. If you are also going to a big city and use your comfortable shoes every day, these are a real "lifesaver". SmellWell can also be used in the suitcase to keep it in top condition and ensure that no bad smell settles in the clothes.

We wish you a pleasant journey at SmellWell!

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