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SmellWell becomes 100% Climate
Neutral all the way to the customer

SmellWell has together with ClimatePartner, the leading solution provider for corporate climate protection, collected data to identify and secure the carbon footprint to produce with zero carbon emissions from 2020 and onward.

From the 2nd quarter of 2020, SmellWell's production will be 100% climate neutral. The emissions caused by the production will be offset towards a Rainforest Project in Papua New Guinea. The project is evaluated by CCBS Gold Level, which means that it complies with the Verified Carbon Standard and follows the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
The forests around the globe are one of the planet's most important carbon reservoirs and home for an enormous amount of diverse species which are very important for the balance of ecosystems. A lot of the carbon is stored in the vegetation and soil of tropical swamp forests, primary rainforests, or mangroves. Preserving vulnerable areas like the rainforests and using resources responsibly is a big step to ensure sustainability. This is the reason why SmellWell has chosen the Rainforest Project in Papua New Guinea.

Measuring our product carbon footprint and developing a climate protection plan is a natural next step in our journey to become more sustainable. Together with Climate Partner, we have calculated the total emissions caused by our supply chain and from May 2020 it will be 100% climate neutral. Our customers will be able to track the offset emissions for full transparency. Johan Roussetos CEO SmellWell 
Visit SmellWell Tracking-ID: and learn more about the mission and climate protection project.