New school clothes, new shoes, notebooks, pens and pencils: the back to school list can be an endless stream of supplies. But there is always something forgotten off that list. Here are just a few things to remember when getting your kids back to school after summer.

A big and oft forgotten item is the clothing label. Everyone has the same of everything at school and in order to help your children find their school jumper or P.E kit, it’s helpful to sew on clothing labels that have their name on them. This doesn’t need to be restricted to clothes either. Label their bags, lunchboxes and pencil cases too. Strangely enough, another much needed item is a packet of tissues. You’d be surprised at how often they will get used and you’ll be grateful to have a few less grotty sleeves to clean.

Talking of cleanliness and hygiene, packs of new socks to match those shoes are a must. Your kids are going to be wearing those shoes day in and day out so clean socks each day will go a long way to providing them with good foot care. SmellWell odourless pouches are also a great investment. Pop a packet in overnight and soak up the sweat your child has accrued over the course of the day.