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Travel Essentials for the summer trip

Travel Essentials for the summer trip

Travel Essentials for the summer trip

Packing for summer travelling is often a stressful time, but it doesn’t need to be. Instead of panicking about how to fit everything into a small bag, focus on the must-haves and cut down on the pointless items. Remember, you still need space for those all-important souvenirs.

A sundress, a light pair of trousers, a pair of shorts and an array of t-shirts are the obvious clothing choices, as well as swimwear, of course! A small multi-purpose bag for a day at the beach or a night on the town is also essential. Don’t forget that this can double up as a sneaky last minute packing option too. Whilst we all like to dress up, a good pair of walking shoes rather than fancy high heeled sandals will hold you in good stead. As with the bag, these can double up for both day and night wear. Pack a couple of packs of SmellWell and they’ll smell fresh even if you’ve been wearing them all day! A colourful scarf can double up as sun protection during the day or become an elegant evening accessory that will keep you warm as the sun goes down.

Sunglasses, a portable charger and a neat travel wallet for documents and currency, simply round out all that you need for your perfect summer trip.

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