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Do you want to run further and longer?

Do you want to run further and longer?

Do you want to run
further and longer?

Become the best runner you can be. Together with our marathon star and ambassador Patrik, we have developed the best tips and tricks for running both further and longer.

Tip # 1: Breathe the right way during your run

Are you breathing correctly?

It is advisable to breathe properly to get enough oxygen for your working muscles. The acid ensures that you can run longer.

The easiest trick to breathe better is to breathe through the nose. Feel that the stomach expands and then exhale through the mouth.

Deep breathing can be achieved through several different techniques. The technique that we find most useful is the "2 in, 2 out" technique. This involves breathing in every 2 steps and then breathing out every 2 steps. Please try this method next time and see how it works for you.

For the habit runner, the "2 in 2 out" technique can be replaced with "3 in 3 out". This method works similarly. The difference is that you breathe in every 3 steps and then breathe out every 3 steps.

Tip # 2: Do you have the right body posture?

You already know that we are standing on this earth because of gravity, it is this that keeps us on the ground. But did you also know that gravity can help you run faster and longer?

All that is required on your part is to place your body in the right posture. Let the shoulders sink downward and lean all the entire body slightly forward. It will not help to just place the upper body in a sloping position - the whole body requires a diagonal forward tilt.

Leaning your entire body slightly forward gives you an extra pull thanks to the laws of physics.

Tip # 3: Have the right mindset

It may not be strange that you can be a better long-distance runner by way of positive thinking

By thinking positively and visualizing that you can run longer you will also do it. When you visualize that you have already run longer than usual, the brain will send a message to your body that says you can do it. Because in your mind you have already managed to run longer.

Tip # 4: Run slower to run longer

Just as the title says, this tip is about running farther if you run at a slower pace. This seems quite logical. But it may be easy to forget about this when you are keen to achieve your goals.

By keeping an even pace throughout the run you will be able to run longer. A good rule of thumb is to find a pace where you can hold a conversation throughout the run.

Tip # 5: Boost your run with intervals

As with much else in life, it is all about challenging and pushing yourself to go further, just as it is with running. In order to be able to grow faster and run longer, we must challenge and push ourselves.

Intervals are an excellent way of achieving this. Intervals within running are based on the fact that during a short period you go up to max speed and then slow down.

Intervals are usually categorized as short, medium and long and can be controlled by either time or distance. Short intervals are usually based on time between 30-90 seconds followed by rest. Meanwhile medium and long intervals are usually based on distances between 600 meters to 5 km.

The interval between the distances should be calm so that the body can reasonably recover before the next run. It's up to you if you want the rest to be either still or active. In calm rest you are still in the same position while you are in active rest, either walking or jogging.

An interval pass that is great to start with is called 30-30-30. This is about jogging for 30 seconds, running intensively (90% of its max pulse) for 30 seconds, then ending for 30 seconds. Do these 3 steps in 20-30 intervals.

Do not forget to always warm up properly before an interval passes. The longer and faster the intervals, the more warming up is required.

Tip # 6: Music makes a difference

A good playlist can be a godsend in many situations. Therefore, it's no wonder that the right music can make you perform better on the track.

Be sure to find music that fills you with energy and joy. The music that makes you perform a little more.

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