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Think positive during the autumn!

Think positive during the autumn!

Think positive during the autumn!

The fact that the mood drops during the autumn is common, but for some the period is characterized by seasonal depressions. The contrast when summer turns to darkness, cold and everyday routines becomes too much for some. In fact, you can influence the moon on your own and make the fall a success - and here are a few effective strategies.

Light - lots of light

Sweden's northern latitudes are perhaps the biggest cause of depression. As daylight decreases, many people experience fatigue, depression and decreased motivation. The causes are not completely clear, but theories about declining melatonin, imbalance in the serotonin system or vitamin D deficiency abound.

What the researchers can say with certainty is that the problem of autumn depression does not in principle occur in sunny countries. Logically, the moon is connected to light. Therefore, spend time outdoors during the brightest hours of the day. When darkness has fallen, be sure to light lots of lights in the home. These tricks make the reduced daylight less stressful.

More exercise and less stress

The autumn work routines lead to hours of sitting still, which in turn increases the risk of stress. Even if it receives - try to move. A half-hour walk a couple of times a week has positive effects on energy, combustion and above all for the production of the brain's own happiness substances.

The autonomic nervous system regulates heart rhythm, blood pressure, digestion and several of the body's most important functions. The system is also known for the "fight or flight" function, a remnant of the hunting community. Your system does not differentiate between its original function, such as creating an adrenaline rush to run away from wildlife, or the "threat" of a deadline. In the long run, stress risks creating sequelae and worsening anxiety - in other words, stress less. There are many ways to reduce stress; plan, walk, meditate are just some of them.

Think positive - autumn is cozy!

Often it is negative spirals of thought that haunt - try to think again! Autumn will be what you make it. Light some tealights, drink a warming cup of tea and enjoy a good movie, while the rain slams against the window. Go to the nearest store and buy new blankets and pillows to cuddle in. And above all - enjoy the weekends. Spend time with people you like and engage in activities that make you feel good. 

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