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How to get rid of bad odor in shoes  

How to get rid of bad odor in shoes  

How to get rid of
bad odor in shoes

Sometimes it is incomprehensible how a pair of feet can produce so much odor. In addition, foot sweat has a tendency to get into the shoes and give off an odor that does not go away without a fight. How do you win the battle against smelly shoes? We have the answer to that.

When it's already "too late"

We understand - the damage has already been done. Your crazy expensive running shoes smell worse than the litter box and nothing seems to help. The first thing you should try is to put the shoes in the freezer. Because the smell comes from bacteria, one method is to put the shoes in a bag and then freeze them to death. Another method, which is often applied to clothing, is to massage vinegar into the insoles. Then leave the shoes overnight. To make the shoes hygienic afterwards, it is also recommended to freshen up with, for example, SmellWell - now they smell almost like new. Make it a habit to avoid future odors.

Prevent bad odor

Do you notice that the shoes start to smell, or have you managed to remove odors that you do not want back? Then our best tip is to keep the shoes dry and use deodorants. After training, put in a bag of SmellWell. The product absorbs moisture and gives off a fresh scent. This way you avoid giving the bacteria the environment they prefer - hot and humid. Feel free to keep the shoes cool when they are dry.

Another good tip is to have clean feet before using the shoes. Take a foot bath before exercise, then you get rid of sweat and bacteria. Also, never wear shoes without socks. Stopping only feet is the best way to create a bacterial culture - and you want to avoid that.

Other home remedies

There is really no right or wrong when it comes to treating foul-smelling shoes. If nothing seems to help, there are a number of tips to test before the shoes go in the trash. Listed below are a few methods that may work.

Throw the shoes in the washing machine.

Mix detergent with vinegar and citric acid. Then let the shoes air dry outdoors.
Dip a cotton ball in alcohol and wipe the inside of the shoes. This can kill the bacteria.
Put baking soda in the shoes and let them stand overnight. Hopefully the powder absorbs the odor. Vacuum up the leftovers the next day.

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