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Let go of your feet, it's spring!

Let go of your feet, it's spring!

Let go of your feet, it's spring!

It's finally here - spring! Ok, there is a while left before we can kick off our shoes but the days get longer and you feel how the spring feelings creep in.

I'm not a jogging fan, but even I feel that it's time to put on my running shoes to go out on the jogging track or on a long walk. Maybe with an audiobook, inspiring app. or wonderful music in the ears. Or also without headphones and with a good friend or nature as the only company. Personally, I love to go barefoot. In principle, I take off my socks on the first of May and do not put them on again until the end of August. The only downside, is that the shoes have a tendency to smell a little extra bad during this period. On the other hand, smelly barefoot shoes, like summer, belong - not least for all those who choose to run barefoot in running shoes.

A contributing reason for the shoes' smell is that the moisture, combined with dirt, dead skin cells and heat, creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and thus a bad smell. Fortunately, there is a solution that works - without bactericidal substances. SmellWell absorbs moisture as well as the particles that smell bad. Put them in your shoes overnight and wake up to dry and fresh shoes! It was my husband Vincent who developed SmellWell when he got tired of our daughter Hannah's smelly soccer shoes. We had tested a number of different products ourselves - without getting rid of the smell. It was frustrating but Vincent, who is an incurable entrepreneur, said: "Of course there is a solution - I just have to come up with it".

The result is SmellWell which has now been used in more than a million shoes… or ok, more than half a million pairs of shoes! The fantastic thing is that positive comments from satisfied customers are pouring in and we are constantly getting ideas for new areas of use. Everything from motorcycle side bags to old linen cabinets. The latest invention I brought myself… We had guests and had "ripe French cheeses" in the fridge. Everyone who has had it knows what it smells like. I was about to throw the cheeses to get rid of the smell but instead threw a couple of SmellWell in the fridge. Imagine my surprise when the smell was gone the next morning!

A natural solution - this is how it works

SmellWell are small colorful cloth bags that contain natural salts and absorbents that are made from renewable raw materials. It effectively absorbs moisture and odor, without bactericidal substances. The only additive is a mild scent that enhances the fresh feeling.
Stylish and efficient - fits everything and everyone.

If you want to know more about how it works, click here.

Regardless of age or gender, there is a stylish design that appeals. SmellWell is available in 6 different designs and all have the same fresh scent. Smelly shoes can be embarrassing, not least for a teenager, but SmellWell is a stylish accessory and the problem is gone after a night of use.

Use SmellWell in all types of shoes and sports equipment - golf shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes, sneakers, leg protection, helmets, boxing or hockey gloves, straight down in the bag - or like me, in the fridge!

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