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Emma Leufstedt's 7 inspiration and motivation tips

Emma Leufstedt's 7 inspiration and motivation tips

Emma Leufstedt's
7 inspiration and motivation tips 

Do you know when you either start training for the first time or when you have reached a plateau and do not feel like training more because you do not seem to see any results? We have all been there and will probably end up there x number of times during the time we train. It is important to understand that Arnold was not born strong and muscular, he has, like everyone else, worked his way up. Results do not come after a session, development takes time and requires effort.

How do you find motivation and inspiration for your training? Since I have always been slim and also been teased because I was, I have had it as a great source of motivation. I want to disprove everyone who took me by the arm with one hand and laughed at me. I also want to disprove myself, that I can do so much more than be sad about how I look and do nothing about it.

I usually follow these points:

1. Take pictures during the development and training process - These pictures you can then look back at and compare with each other. When you see the development in image form, it is easier to see that you have actually changed, than to just see yourself in the mirror.

2. Stop following uninspiring people - On instagram, Facebook, etc., you probably follow someone you know deep down that you will not be inspired by. You should not follow people you are provoked by who you will then automatically "compete" with, it only affects you negatively.

Set goals - It can be anything, do 10 push-ups, do 5 pull-ups or be able to do muscle-ups. It does not really matter what the goal is, but having goals to strive for gives you motivation not to stop training. If you want, you can also reward yourself with something when you achieve one of your goals!

4. Look back and buy new things - When the motivation is not where it should be, I usually look back at pictures of me when I started training and think: “My God, what I looked like! how far I have come anyway! ”. I also usually buy something for training, a new garment, some training equipment or the like, then you want to go to the gym and show off in your new clothes! Don't forget SmellWell which keeps your shoes and bag fresh?

5. Music is important - I usually have a kick-ass list to train for, a list that gives a great pump! Here you will find my cool list and here you will find my slightly more party list.

Exercise with a friend, partner or sibling - Exercising with someone can be good for you when you are new to the gym, but also when you have exercised for a while. You may not really dare to perform certain exercises because you are afraid of making mistakes, then it is good to have someone there who can make sure you do the right thing. You get extra pep when someone stands and looks after you in a set, it makes you want to show your best and not cheat!

7. Do not think so much - It is stupid to think too much when exercising, but the only thing you should think about is that you do yours and everyone else does theirs. Everyone is there to train and everyone has been a beginner, everyone makes mistakes.

Last but not least:

Stop apologizing all the time, no one can do the job for you, you have to do the job yourself and it is you who will ultimately feel so terribly good about it. You will laugh at yourself for even giving up when you encounter small problems along the way.

The biggest source of inspiration is you and the biggest source of motivation is your surroundings!

"If you give up on the first sign of struggle, you really are not ready to be successful" - Kevin Hart

/Emma Leufstedt – Fitness athlete and SmellWell Ambassador


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