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Prepping For Outdoor Winter Workouts

Prepping For Outdoor Winter Workouts

Prepping For Outdoor
Winter Workouts

Now that it’s officially winter, prepping for outdoor workouts turns into a serious mental game. It’s darker and colder which can cause you to be a lot less motivated. Besides, it’s easier to sit inside training for a Netflix marathon than a real one. However, stepping outside for fresh air during a time when we tend to huddle under blankets on the couch can be rewarding and head clearing.

Prepping For Outdoor Winter Workouts

Adam Gray Hayward, a personal trainer based in the US, has three tips he shares with clients to help get them outside and prepared for the chillier weather.

  • It’s already cold, warm yourself up with a quick espresso shot to get the body firing. If you’re looking for the healthier option, try a matcha shot; it packs a powerful jolt of energy.
  • Do a short dynamic warmup before you head outside; maybe a simple yoga flow, or a hip opening routine. It’s ideal to have a slight glisten of sweat before you brave the elements.
  • Partner up and make a game of it. Workouts are already a struggle, add the cold weather and you’re fighting an uphill battle. Workout with a mate, and add some variety to your routine i.e. jump rope, short sprints, climb a tree. Whatever keeps it new and interesting for you!

Before braving the elements, always be sure to hydrate and have the proper gear on. It’s better to be safe and have to remove a jacket than risk hypothermia.

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