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Three ways to use SmellWell

Three ways to use SmellWell

Three ways to use SmellWell

Sweat smell is not a pleasant thing. We shower before or after work, throw our clothes in the washing machine and choose deodorants that best hide the smell. Nevertheless, the stench sometimes becomes unbearable when we need it the least. Do you want to avoid embarrassing situations and remove bad odors? Then, SmellWell is a really good option that can be used in many different ways. Read and let yourself be inspired!

SmellWell – at work

Whether your work week is spent in a suit, uniform or construction workwear, we are convinced that you work hard and sweat - and this is where SmellWell really helps. Put a bag in your work shoes and notice how the sweat odor is changed to a fresh and pleasant scent. With SmellWell, smelly shoes at work are just a memory. In addition, SmellWell works well in your workbag or wherever you keep sweaty clothes.

SmellWell – in the home

Do you also have rooms at home that are less fresh than you'd like? Perhaps you have encountered bacteria getting caught in the space where the washing machine is standing? Or do the hall and the closet reek of smelly shoes? No problem - let SmellWell do the job. Put a bag in each shoe, alternatively in the closet and leave it overnight. The next day that smell will be history. Because SmellWell absorbs moisture, the root cause of the odor, the product solves that problem. Also try to:

Allow SmellWell to work in caps, socks and laundry baskets in winter. Let SmellWell take care of the smell of wellies and boots.

SmellWell – in your training bag

The worst smells are likely to occur after training and then the need to remove that odor is greatest. You can remove foot odor by placing a bag of SmellWell in your workout shoes after training. Of course, it works perfectly for use in:

Your training bag. Protective equipment such as boxing gloves, leg protection or suspension boots. In the bag with your damp towel.

Do you have your own tips for using SmellWell?

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