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Freshen up and clean your sneakers

Freshen up and clean your sneakers

Freshen up and clean sneakers 
6 step guide

Motorcycles, refreshing drinks on the outdoor restaurant seatings, bird singing and white sneakers. Yes, spring is here and we are ready to catch it with you. 

Bringing out those favourite sneakers after a long winter is almost a tickling feeling. But before putting them on, make sure to clean and freshen them up properly! If you do so you won’t just be looking even more fly, but they will last longer (which saves the planet and your wallet). 



If you wanna look and feel great in your fav shoes then follow these easy steps: 


  1. Take the laces off (these can be cleaned separately or swapped into new ones)

  2. Brush of any excessive dirt that might be stuck on the shoes. Use a toothbrush or any other small brush for the seams and folds.  

  3. Wipe the shoe with a piece of wet cloth or a wet wipe

  4. Mix baking powder with water and a pinch of detergent or soap, use it with cloth to gently rub away any rough stains

  5. Use the same liquid mix and dip the sole of the shoe into it for about a minute, wipe it dry with clean cloth. 

  6.  Put a pair of SmellWell’s inside the shoes over the night or for a few hours, while they dry up. That way you eliminate any old odor and allow them to quickly dry up.

Voilà! Your best pair of sneakers is as good as new and ready to enjoy the spring vibrations with you!
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