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10 packing hacks you didn't know you couldn't live without

10 packing hacks you didn't know you couldn't live without

10 packing hacks you didn't know you couldn't live without

Messy packing, a bag that is too heavy, not being able to fit all you want to bring into your luggage or packing your bag while stressing out? We have all been there more than once and therefore we are here to give you a helping hand.  

Let me tell you: packing can be an art and if you master it properly, all of your packing related problems will be nothing but a memory. Continue reading to get your mind blown with 10 packing hacks you didn't even know that you couldn’t live without - until now: 

  1. Make sure to always pack your heaviest items in the bottom,
    closest to the wheels (if you have any) on your bag. This will automatically stabilize your bag and stop it from wiggling around.

  2. Use a spectacle case for all your cables.
    Instead of having them tangling up in your bag - organize them in a spectacle case. This will save you space, time and money since you also keep them from breaking.

  3. Use a dosette box to organize your jewlery next time.
    Arn't we many who is tired of spending valueable time on knotting up jewlery that tangled up in packing? Another useful tip is threading your necklace through a straw before you pack it.

  4. Fill your head wear up with socks and underwear.
    Wanna bring your favourite hat but scared it will get destroyed in the packing process? No worries. Fill it up with stuff that don't get wrinkled up, in that way you save space and make sure your hat or cap is gonna be alright.

  5. Attach your keys to a wine cork.
    In that way, if you are going on a boat trip or bathing, you won’t have to fetch your keys at the bottom of the sea

  6. Dont fold your clothes, roll them.
    It’s an oldie but always golide: Rolling your clothing is not only gonna save space in your bag - but also gonna make them less wrinkly. Try it, if you didn’t already!

  7. Don’t forget a pair of comfortable shoes!
    And if you’re not wearing them, put a pair of SmellWells in them before you get them in your bag. It will keep the shoes and the packing from adopting any funky smell and it’s also perfect for those days when you get back to the hotel after a long walk in town. Putting a pair of SmellWells in your shoes will save both you and them from odors and get them ready for your next adventure!

  8. Clean out old lens packaging. 
    Use it for makeup, soap, shampoo or lotion. It takes up hardly no space at all, and keeps you well under that 100 milliliter limit for airplanes!

  9. Pack a pillowcase.
    Not only can it be nice and give you a homely cosy feeling when going to bed, but it works perfect to put laundry in. When you’re going home, packing that dirty laundry in your bag - throw those SmellWell inserts (that you packed in your shoes) in there and even the dirty clothes are gonna smell well until you’re back home and can wash.

  10. Put a little piece of plastic
    in between the bottle and the screw-on-lid and it’s 100% leak safe! Trust me, reaching your destination with clothes drenched in soap is not very pleasant. 

Oh and also, remember to pack the thickest and heaviest clothing first. And when you’re picking out your outfits: one outfit per day is usually a smart starting point.

I hope you appreciated these packing hacks and that they are gonna make your vacation or job packing easier and less stressful.

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