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6 fun facts about sweat

6 fun facts about sweat

6 Fun facts about sweat

Sweat might not be the most fun conversation, neither very fun to experience. But there are things about sweat that you might not know. Here are 6 fun facts.

Sweat was considered attractive 

In most cultures in modern times sweat is something we’d rather avoid and do a lot to get rid of or hide. But back in the days sweat was considered something interesting and exciting that could create curiosity in a potential partner. Some people say that it might be because of the fact that sweat is produced in the same glands as pheromones - a special fragrance that most species use to communicate with each other, others say it’s a matter of culture. 

Sweat doesn’t smell bad 

It’s actually not the sweat that smells bad. Sweat is almost only made of water and salt and it doesn’t carry a scent at all, not until the bacteria (that loves moisture) finds it and starts breaking it down. There are mainly 3 types of bacteria that make your sweat smell bad. Corynebacteria leaves a smell that reminds of goat, staphylococci that smells about the same as onion and anaerobic bacteria with a smell like cumin.

Sweat (bacteria) smells more or less

All sweat on your body won’t smell the same or equally as much when bacteria finds it. That’s because we have two different kinds of sweat glands on our bodies. Only the type of sweat gland that is placed in the armpits and the crotch gives away substances that the bacteria can feed on. Therefore only sweat from those glands will start to smell bad, as long as the sweat is only touching the body.  Anyhow: a pair of running shoes, well used gloves or wet clothes can also (of course) smell bad because of sweat. Bacteria will find its way to the areas, feed on other substances and your sweat will keep the space moist and perfect for the bacteria to grow further. 

If you want to get rid of the odor you can make your shoes or equipment less pleasant for the bacteria by quickly absorbing the moisture. Try putting a pair of SmellWell Active Inserts in your shoes or SmellWell XL in your gloves after a workout and notice the difference.

Sweat on different places 

It’s not just training and heat that can make us sweat. Actually we can start to sweat because of various reasons - and often in specific places depending on what the reason is.  You can, for example, start sweating when you’re eating spicy food. Usually that kind of sweat appears in your face. Or if you’re feeling intense emotions like love, nervousness or stress, then you’re most likely to sweat in your armpits, on your hands and feet.

Love makes us sweaty 

To become in love is an amazing feeling, but it is also intense. When we fall in love and get butterflies in our bellies, the body starts activating hormones and adrenaline that makes our hearts beat faster, gives us more oxygen and often sweaty hands. It is almost the same mechanism that our body goes through when frightened, but we also get a bunch of positive and happy hormones like dopamine and endorphins.

Plants are sweaty too 

Compared to plants like flowers, bushes and trees, we are lucky. When it gets really hot in the sun we can seek protection in the shadow or cool down with a nice dip in the sea, but plants can’t do that. Many plants let out moisture by fog that comes out from small pores under their leaves and in that way they can regulate their temperature a little bit.

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