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How to wash shoes in washing machine

How to wash shoes in washing machine

Wash shoes in washing machine

There are plenty of tips and tricks to get rid of both dirt and bad smell from your sneakers, training shoes or running shoes. The solutions include everything from home remedies to DIY-guides, shoe care products and washing pads. Even if a lot of shoes are washable in the washing machine it might be a risk. Glue might come off or maybe the material isn’t made for machine washing. So before you decide to wash your favourite shoes in the washing machine - read this guide and try these simple tricks.

Scrub with baking soda 

Believe it or not, but baking soda works for a lot more than baking! Put some powder in water with a pinch of dish soap or regular soap, carefully clean with a cotton pad on the dirty areas. Brush softly with a cleaning brush. A toothbrush works fine for the small areas where it might be hard to reach, like seams or details. 

Wet wipes 

It is really easy to find wet wipes and equally as easy to clean your shoes with them. They are also small and easy to carry in your bag if an accident occurs and you step in a water pool or get a stain on your new white sneakers. Wet wipes are also gentle to your shoes and maybe not the most powerful cleaning tool, but if you use them regularly to keep your shoes clean, maybe you won't have to deal with the most stubborn dirt. 

SmellWell Inserts

When your shoes are clean and nice you obviously don’t want them to smell bad. Shoes with a bad odor can be both annoying and embarrassing. When you have cleaned your favourite sneakers and they look like they are new and you want them to smell equally as well - put a couple of SmellWell Inserts inside them over the night. The bags will catch up moisture, smell and eliminate bacteria in your shoes. The Inserts are available with different designs and shape in order for them to work in all kinds of shoes and areas, for all kinds of people. 

Wash your shoes in the washing machine - A guide

If you decide to wash your shoes in the washing machine after all - make sure to wash them right. Follow this step-by-step guide to make sure you’ll have a nice result. 


Read the washing recommendations 

Often shoes have recommendations for washing either in the tongue, under the sole or on the shoe box. Some brands also put the washing recommendation on their web sites. Start with reading them. 

Basic cleaning by hand

Before you put your dirty shoes into the machine it might be a good idea to get rid of the gravel and mud that you can wash off or brush away by hand. Use a toothbrush or cotton tops to reach small holes, seams and spaces where small stones or other rough dirt might be jammed. Take off shoe laces and wash them by hand. 

Protect your shoes and the machine 

If your shoes have delicate details, seams or something else that might get stuck and ripped in the washing machine it might be a good idea to put the shoes in a washing bag. Another good idea is to fill the washing machine with other fabric you want to wash. Preferably towels, sheets or other big and fluffy material that could protect both your shoes and the machine. 

Choose the right detergent 

Most shoes, especially training shoes or running shoes, have a nice ability to breath and they are made of specific materials with different functions. To choose the right detergent is vital to keep breathing abilities, but also to keep the shoe clean and fresh in the future. Wash your shoes with detergent that is specifically produced for functional materials. SmellWells Laundry Capsules is a perfect choice for any type of shoe. 

Choose the right temperature 

Don’t wash your shoes too warm. If you do so you risk to bleach, shrink and destroy them. Choose 30 degrees and a gentle washing program. 

Air dry with absorbent 

Last but not least give the shoes an opportunity to dry properly. Place them somewhere where the air is circulating and use a pair of SmellWell XL. The Inserts will absorb moisture inside the shoe and make sure it dries quickly and gently - that way you don’t have to worry about your shoes catching a bad smell because they didn’t dry fast enough. Don’t dry your shoes in the tumbler. If you do so you risk destroying both the tumbler and your shoes.

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