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Get in shape for the ski season

Get in shape for the ski season

Get in shape for the ski season

The winter and the ski season are fast approaching. Many have decided to try skiing for the first time, others routinely pick up their snowboards for advanced adventures. No matter what level you are at, alpine activities are extremely stressful. Fitness, muscle strength and stress are used in every movement you make on the slope. Therefore, we recommend that you train for the season. And believe us - the ride will be both more comfortable and fun with some training under your belt.

Gluteal muscles The gluteal muscles are one of the winter athlete's most important muscle groups, often referred to as the buttocks. As the muscles stabilize the body during tilt, exercises like deep knee squats and outcomes are recommended. The optimal way would be to exercise with weights in the gym and thus build both muscle mass and explosiveness.

Stomach muscles The abdominal muscles are an essential part of skiing, which is hardly surprising. As you go downhill, strong stomach muscles help stabilize the pelvis and spine. The abdominal muscles ensure that you can maintain an upright posture. Sit-ups and planks are great exercises you can perform at home. In the gym, exercises like cable crunch and leg lifts are good exercises to try.

Back of the thighs The hamstring muscle is the most common injury of elite athletes in general and skiers in particular. The muscle cooperates with the gluteal muscles and creates stability from the upper body down to the ankles. Strengthen these muscles to avoid unnecessary damage that keeps you away from the piste.

Cardio training Anyone skiing or snowboarding knows how extremely demanding it is. Because the muscles need to cope with hard stress for both longer and shorter periods, we recommend a versatile fitness training regime. Longer walks in the woods or on a treadmill provide a good foundation. These exercises should also be supplemented with interval training. For example, slopes are very effective as is spinning.

Of course, more muscles are used in skiing and there are plenty of other types of exercise that suit. Depending on the level of ambition and your physical condition, the training should be adjusted individually. Find an exercise that is fun to do!

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