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Use SmellWell in your Running Shoes

Use SmellWell in your Running Shoes

Use SmellWell in
your Running Shoes

Whether you're running long or short distances, shoes become hot and sweaty, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This is what gives rise to the odor that most runners have experienced from their running shoes, even if one switches between several pairs.

Sound familiar?

SmellWell is the modern and effective solution for moist, smelly shoes.

A natural solution – here's how it works

Unlike other similar products on the market that only work to mask the bad smell, SmellWell goes to the source of the problem by absorbing both moisture and odor. In addition, it leaves a fresh scent.

SmellWell is a combination of proven methods and new technology. The content consists of natural salts and absorbents made of renewable raw materials that effectively absorb moisture and odor without the use of anti-bacterial agents. The content is completely harmless. It has been tested in accordance with the REACH Consumer Safety and Environmental Directive. The contents are enclosed within small colorful fabric bags which not only makes SmellWell effective but also a nice accessory to have.

Perfect for running shoes – works against both odor and Athlete's Foot

SmellWell is the ultimate solution for running shoes. The inserts make sure the shoes are fresh before each run!

During spring there are many who move from the treadmill and instead jump into nature. This can cause the shoes to be exposed to excessive moisture. A problem that many athletes suffer from is Athlete's Foot. This tends to be an issue when using damp and warm shoes for a long time. Using SmellWell continuously prevents the environment that Athlete's Foot causing bacteria like to thrive in. The inserts absorb moisture and help keep the shoes dry and fresh. In this way, the bacteria does not get the same environment to gain a foothold in and the problem is averted.

Increases the longevity of your shoes

SmellWell can help increase the life of your shoes.

By getting into the habit of putting a SmellWell insert into each shoe after a run or workout, SmellWell will continuously absorb the moisture that is formed. Moisture and sweat will not accumulate in the shoes, making them feel fresh much longer. As a result the shoes will last much longer.


How long does SmellWell last?

SmellWell Original and XL last up to 6 months or more from when you open the packaging. The lifespan depends on how hard the inserts have to work. The lifespan is generally shorter if the environment in which the inserts are used is high in moisture content.

Can I wash my SmellWell?

No – SmellWell acts as a natural filter that effectively removes the bad smell. If you find that your SmellWell feels a bit stale after long periods of use in shoes that are in bad shape, lay them on the floor so that air can circulate. In this way they will be ventilated and become significantly fresher again. If they have been lying in very damp shoes, crystals are formed in the bag which allows them to solidify. You can easily break the crystals by squeezing the bag so that they regain their natural texture again as well as the ability to absorb moisture.

Is the color used to print the pattern approved?

Yes, the color used has been checked in accordance with REACH Appendix 1-3 to ensure that it contains no prohibited substances.

Read more about how it works here.


SmellWell keeps your shoes fresh and your feet free from Athlete’s Foot!

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