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The Best Golf Essentials to Have In Your Golf Bag

The Best Golf Essentials to Have In Your Golf Bag

The Best Golf Essentials
to Have In Your Golf Bag

Golfers always look both well dressed and well prepared, but are you truly up to scratch? Golf clubs, shoes and balls aside, do you really have everything you need to be a golfing pro?

A big one on the oft-forgot items list is rain gear. Most of you will prefer to head to the course on a sunny day, but we all know that weather can change in an instant. Jackets, umbrellas, waterproof pants and a cover for your bag will all go a long way to ensuring that you and your equipment stay dry as you wait for it to pass. On the flip side, don’t forget to stash some sunscreen in your bag for those blazing hot days as well.

Shoe and foot care is also important. You’re going to be on your feet all day so a clean pair of socks can be a welcome relief once the game is over. Slip a pouch or two of SmellWell into your golf shoes once you’ve finished and find yourself with clean and dry shoes ready for the next outing. Alternatively, leave one in your golf bag to keep it fresh.

Extra tees, old balls for practice and a number of working marker pens to label your balls are also necessary parts of equipment. A fully stocked medical kit and bottles of water will also help keep you functioning well throughout the game.

However, with so much in mind, don’t overload your bag too much; you’ve still got to carry it around, unless you’re lucky enough to have a caddy.

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