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Swedish innovation protects activewear from odors and restores performance

While fabrics have evolved, washing hasn’t.
Today 60% of all clothing contain synthetic and high-tech textiles.
But most laundry detergents are based on a 50-year-old formula that wasn’t designed toclean odors and bacteria from synthetic clothing. That’s why a newly washed t-shirt can smell of sweat just minutes into a workout– as body heat is released through the fibers, so are odors remaining from previous workouts.

SmellWell Laundry Capsules contain a highly concentrated, pre-measured liquid detergent that effectively removes tough odors and stains while protecting and restoring the performance of functional clothing. High tech apparel will not only be smelling great but also keep their moisture wickability, compression and elasticity, for better performance and longer lifespan.

"Our mission is to offer products that keep people in motion confident and fresh while promoting an active and sustainable lifestyle. It should be easy to care for favorite activewear and gear, making them work better and last longer." – Johan Roussetos, CEO SmellWell

SmellWell Laundry Capsule is developed in Sweden and first of its kind to be certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, complying with the strictest environmental and health requirements. Laundry Capsules and detergent are ultimately biodegradable and packaging is made of recycled plastic. Concentrated laundry capsules contain 30% less water than liquid detergents resulting in reduced environmental impact of both production and transportation.