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Shoe and feet care in summer time

Shoe and feet care in summer time

Shoe and feet care in summer time

We all long for those blissful summer days where we can bring out those open toed shoes and give our feet some air. But, there are downsides to this, and not least is foot maintenance. With the warmth and a pair of sandals come plenty of issues, the first of which is that with this new sun exposure, our feet can become dry and rough. In order to combat this, we highly suggest an exfoliation treatment once a week to keep your hard working feet soft and smooth. Strangely enough, soaking your feet can actually add to the dehydration, but don’t worry; a dip in the sea doesn’t count.

Moisturising and wearing sunscreen is essential – we often forget that the skin on our feet needs to be looked after! This also helps to protect the nails and the cuticles on your toes. And while we’re talking about nails, let them take a break from that delightfully coloured nail polish just once in a while and give them the chance to grow healthily.

A final tip for good foot health is actually looking after one’s shoes. If you wear closed shoes during the warmer months, your feet can, and most likely will, sweat. Placing a SmellWell pouch inside the shoe overnight will do wonders at clearing up the odour, any sweat residue, dampness and potential bacteria growth. It can be a good idea to have shoe rotation in place as well.

Help your feet stay happy and healthy all summer long!

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