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Life as a hockey mom

Life as a hockey mom

Life as a hockey mom

I am so grateful and happy that my kids play hockey but life as a hockey mom can be difficult sometimes

This makes them physically active and sweaty a few times a week. They may be part of a team. Team feeling is being built and they really seem to be enjoying themselves. Some of the teammates have become friends as they hang out with each other even outside the hockey rink. To me it's also fun because it's a wonderful cohesion among the parents. We support each other and help to create good conditions for the team. But then there are some drawbacks that it was just hockey that the children chose:

It's cold to stand in the ice rink hall and watch when they train and play matches. Much equipment is needed, which becomes expensive. And the smell of hockey gloves and skates...

But the benefits are great considering the disadvantages and I have learned to tackle the disadvantages relatively well over the years.

Wear many layers

Then it will be pretty good. You have to jump and move a little as well. The older the children get, the less I need to hang in the ice hockey every time they train. Sometimes I can go out and walk or run a bit while they are training.

That expensive equipment is harder to do something about. Sometimes we have days in the club where you can find a few equipment bargains. If you're there early, you're certain to find a deal or two, it's a really good way of keeping your costs down.

Then we have that smell. In the beginning I tested everything possible, but the odor just did not disappear. Another mom in the club had bought SmellWell and spoken good things about it. I was really sceptical at first, but thought it was worth a test anyway. Threw a SmellWell in every skate and in all the gloves too. Then I forgot it until it was time for the next training and was so surprised. They actually smelled really good now. Nothing else I had tested had worked, but SmellWell really made a difference. Now we always have a bunch of SmellWells in the Hockey bag, ready to put in the gloves and skates after training and matches.

Life like hockey mom is pretty good anyway!

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