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Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Dr. Karl Laden

Posted: 05.09.09, 00:11
We spend lots of money to hide our natural scent. Deodorants and Antiperspirants are a multi-million dollars industry, but how do they actually work? what do we use them for? and what makes our body odor smell this way?

Does smoking contribute to bad breath?

Dr. Mel Rosenberg

Posted: 29.06.09, 00:27
For at least a century, people have smoked in order to cover up other oral odors. But does smoking cover bad breath, or contribute to it?

What do I do when my spouse has bad breath?

Dr. Mel Rosenberg, Dr. Alon Amit

Posted: 18.04.09, 10:00
Smell has an important role in interpersonal attraction. But what happens when you get married and your spouse starts having bad breath?

Foot odor

Dr. Alon Amit

Posted: 31.03.08, 02:41
Foot odor is a common condition, caused by naturally occurring bacterial growth on the feet, especially when wearing socks and shoes. If you have really smelly feet – it can cause a great deal of embarrassment. In many cultures, it is impolite to remove your shoes in public, whereas in other cultures it is impolite not to remove them.

Odor from the back of the tongue

Dr. Mel Rosenberg

Posted: 05.09.09, 00:20
Researchers claim that the back of the tongue is a major source of bad breath. Can I smell it myself?
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