SmellWell Team

    The SmellWell team:
    Dr. Mel Rosenberg, PhD.
    Mel Rosenberg is the world's leading expert on bad breath. He is Professor of Microbiology at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at the Tel-Aviv University in Israel, and has held honorary appointments at the University of Toronto, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Rochester and the Eastman Dental Institute at the University of London.
    Dr. Rosenberg has researched bad breath and body odor for over 25 years. He published over 100 scientific articles and books, and has lectured around the world (to professionals and to the public). Dr. Rosenberg was born in Canada, lives and works in Israel, is married and has two children.
    Dr. Karl Laden, PhD.
    Dr. Laden is a world expert on deodorants and antiperspirants. Dr. Laden is the former VP for Research at Gillette and former editor of the Journal of Cosmetic Chemists. He has published numerous articles and chapters, as well as a book on body odors and deodorants.
    Dr. Laden was born in the US and currently lives both in US and Israel.
    Dr. Alon Amit, DMD
    Dr. Alon Amit trained as a dentist, performing his doctoral thesis on bad breath and the Internet. He was responsible for the highly successful Tel Aviv University website for bad breath, and leads the SmellWell team.
    Dr. Sarit Levitan, PhD.
    Dr. Sarit Levitan performed her MSc and PhD research on the microbiology of bad breath, is responsible for new product development at InnoScent Ltd., and is a member of the SmellWell team.
    Roniet M. Berci, MA
    Roniet specializes in reaching out to international communities via education programs, taking advantage of both traditional methods and internet networks. She has a BA in Art History and an MA in Education.
    Roniet's mission is to bring SmellWell to the attention of people worldwide, and to contribute up-to-date articles and features on various themes related to smelling well and well-being.
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    Tips for tongue brushing
    How to get rid of cigarette smell – for smokers
    Picking the right perfume
    What personal care activity is most important, in your opinion?
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