Preventing foot odor

    Smelly feet can cause a great deal of embarrassment. You can read more about the causes for foot odor, but for now, here are a few means that should be taken to prevent foot odor:
    • Wash your feet every day with warm water and soap (preferably an antibacterial soap). Dry the feet thoroughly with a dry and soft towel, especially between the toes.
    • Ventilate your shoes regularly when you don´t wear them.
    • Use an effective shoe spray to reduce the smells and the accumulation of bacteria and fungi.
    • Use foot powder to dry your feet – make sure you don´t use excess powder, or it may cause abrasion.
    • Wear thick socks, so they can absorb the moisture and help ventilate the feet.
    • 100% cotton or wool socks are better than synthetic socks (polyester or nylon) for that purpose. Wearing nylon pantyhose or stockings may also cause excessive perspiration.
    • Change socks at least once a day, or even more often if you sweat a lot.
    • Wear shoes with adequate ventilation and refrain from wearing plastic or nylon shoes.
    • Avoid wearing shoes without socks, as perspiration tends to increase in such situations.
    smelly feet
    If those advices don´t help – you better find a podiatrist. Some treatments, such as electric-current devices, can reduce perspiration for several weeks at a time. Other remedies for foot odor your podiatrist may offer are alum, antiperspirants, paraffin bath treatments, ointments and other footcare products.
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