How to pick a perfume

    Woman testing perfumePerfumes are part of our modern life. Many women own more than a couple of perfumes (sometimes even up to 20 or 30 different brands). Picking out a new perfume can pleasurable, but it can also be a chore. There are so many fine fragrances to choose between, and there´s nothing like the disappointment of returning home from the store with the new perfume you just bought, only to discover, a few hours after putting it on, that it smells like an 18th century French alley.
    So what can you do to cleverly choose a perfume?
    • Bring a confidant: You can´t always tell whether the odor suits you. If possible, bring a good friend you can confide in, or even better – your partner or suitor. They will be able to tell you how the odor suits you.
    • Be yourself: You need to pick a perfume that best suits the natural smell of your skin. Everyone have a distinct smell, and a smell that smells great on someone else might not do so on you. Moreover, the perfume you choose will also have to compete with the other odors you already have on – the soap you used, your hair gel, your deodorant and even the smell of fabric softener from your clothes. Try a perfume while wearing all the other odors you normally wear, so you and your confidant will be able to assess the everyday effect of the perfume.
    • Take your time: The smell of perfume during the first few minutes is not the final fragrance, and is what profession perfumers call “top note”. The “middle note” builds afterwards, and then it takes about an hour for the “final note” to start expressing itself. Since the final note is the one you´ll carry around all day, it´s advisable to be impressed by it and not only by the early top note – so don´t rush to judge a perfume if you haven´t worn it for at least an hour.
    • Don´t try many fragrances at the same time. If possible, avoid trying more than one or two perfumes simultaneously, and try not to pick a perfume in a heavily scented department store. The smell of the perfume needs to savored on its own, without distractions.
    • Test drive: If possible, use samples of the perfume (distributed in perfume stores or with a magazine) before you purchase an entire bottle. This way you´ll be able to wear the perfume an entire day before you decide whether or not to buy it.
    • Fashion is queen? Not necessarily. Don´t be misled by glamorous advertisements or by the latest trendy promotion by the perfume counter. No designer, artist or model can tell how this perfume will suit your very own body and personality. The ads cannot deliver the actual fragrance, so they try to deliver a perceived value and the choice for an attractive lifestyle. Remember that even if the concept of the ad suits you, the perfume might not please you at all. Judge by the smell of the perfume, not by the appeal of the advertising talent.
    • Versatility isn´t bad: There isn´t just one perfume perfect for each woman. Like wearing different styles of clothes for different occasions and at different times of the year, we can also own more than one perfume that suits us. A woman can have a heavy fragrance for winter and a lighter perfume for spring time, one fragrance for the workday, and another for evening.

    girl picking perfume

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