What is SmellWell?

About SmellWell

What is SmellWell?

SmellWell is dedicated to the dissemination of scientifically-based information on everything related to smell. Odors are complicated – they involve many intricate fields of expertise – microbiology, medicine, anatomy, chemistry, psychology, sociology and more. There are not many experts in smells, and much of the information online is inaccurate, and sometimes even biased. SmellWell offers articles that are based on up-to-date scientific research and looks beyond commercial subjective intentions sometimes found on the World Wide Web. The articles on SmellWell are written and reviewed by the highly-professional academic team of SmellWell.

What does SmellWell present?

SmellWell wishes to cover all range of smells - from fine fragrances, such as perfumes, air fresheners and deodorants - to problematic odors, such as bad breath, body odor, pet odors and more. We currently present a collection of dozens of articles on various subjects, and are studiously expanding our collection of articles, to cover all aspects of smells and odors. All articles are based on research and interviews with leading experts.

We are not perfect. If you find any information on SmellWell inaccurate or out-of-date, please write us about it in the SmellWell Forums, where our team of experts will examine your comments carefully.

Who is behind SmellWell?

SmellWell is the vision of Dr. Mel Rosenberg, world expert on bad breath with experience in body odor research as well. Dr. Rosenberg is a professor of Microbiology at Tel Aviv University who became interested in odors over twenty years ago (click for more information).

Dr. Rosenberg’s former website, Bad Breath Research, was launched under the Tel-Aviv University website in 1996, and has gained vast popularity ever since. BBR has promoted the research of odors and is the source for much of the information delivered through other websites as well. Dr. Rosenberg decided to broaden the discussion to other aspects of smell as well, and has selected a team of professionals to help him construct SmellWell. You can read more on the SmellWell team here.

What are the products SmellWell presents?

SmellWell will offer innovative products developed by Prof. Rosenberg, as well as other inventions that have a scientific basis. It is critical for us that our community appreciates them, so please do write us your opinion of the products.

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